The beer tide is rising, and lifting craft breweries with it.

Dare I predict that Las Vegas is surfing the wave in a big way with an onset of local craft micro-breweries on the horizon.

Vegas is all about experiences, and what do you think happens at craft breweries? From what I see, it’s where people gather to exchange ideas, meet for a date night, watch a game and co-create great beer tasting experiences! Savoring a brew with like-minded beer enthusiasts is all about engaging within a community. And what happens after that community shares great taste in beer and good company? Well, that narrative stays in Vegas. Or does it?

How many times have you sent a snapshot to a friend while you’re having a great time with a “Wish you were here! You gotta try this place out when you come to Vegas!”

Selfies and good times go hand in hand. Nevada locals and visitors have 24/7 entertainment choices in this city all day and night long. And who can sleep when there is so much to do! It’s a world-class place with world-class beer and breweries that stay open late.

Craft Breweries are enthusiastic about the growth in the local brewing scene in Las Vegas.

It’s about time!

Friends enjoying beer - beer buddiesTaking the time to go out to a local pub with friends is an age-old tradition. Pubs and beer halls have always been the epicenter of great ideas from the beginning of time since beer was first brewed. In fact, breweries are becoming quite the gathering place for people, young and old to come together, connect, eat, play games, and relate over a great brew.

Las Vegas is home to dozens of various craft breweries, taphouses, and taprooms of which many offer choices of finely crafted styles. Some will blow your socks off they are so good!

Las Vegas is also home to many national medal award-winning brews as well. Ahh, the variety of styles and flavors alone is a great reason to explore new beer experience destinations.

But does Vegas take the helm at being the booziest city in the country?

Las Vegas may seem to be the booziest city in the country with it’s 42.9 million visitors a year with a thirst to party, and because of that reputation, a whole lot of alcohol is consumed in sin city on any given day. It would also be correct to assume that beer is one of the most consumed beverages, but, we come in at number three.

Delaware ranks only after New Hampshire, which comes in at first place when it comes to overall alcohol consumption. Surprised? Actually, according to U.S. News and a couple other authority sites, New Hampshire also takes the lead for beer consumption in the United States as well. Who would have bet on that?

Nevada ranks number three out of the 50 states, which isn’t too shabby. But, what’s in it for Las Vegas and those millions of beer enthusiasts, visitors and locals who are seeking a unique local Vegas beer experience? What’s happened is a shift on the casinos’ part, with a lot of new businesses opening up in the craft beer industry, zoning changes and a shift of the places to go for locals and tourists to have a night out with friends.

“A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats.”

John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States & German Beer Drinker

Craft Breweries are gaining momentum with the growing demand from locals and tourists visiting Las Vegas. Many casinos already feature locally brewed brands on tap, not to mention the casinos which already had their own breweries on premises decades ago. Excellent for local industry, casinos are becoming providers of helping local business by supporting handcrafted local beers for our visitors from all over the world!

Demand for local beer by visitors and locals is becoming more prevalent.

The industry is seeing changes on a regulation level. Production limitations have increased for breweries in Las Vegas, and zoning has also been changed. It’s been a slightly different path for Vegas breweries since gaming is such an essential part of the Vegas business model. At breweries, you actually have an awareness of sitting next to a person in an environment where community and conversation are encouraged.

Noticing people talking to each other is profoundly common at a brew-pub.

The growing trend of new brewpubs and tap houses in Vegas is exciting! Many have themes, some are slick, some are woodsy and some, well, crafty. But what is motivating about the craft beer momentum is the multitude of variations, flavors, aromas, and dimensionality of the brews themselves.

When is the best time to buy a beer?

As a Las Vegas resident for more than two decades, let me tell you that nothing is better than drinking a cold craft beer in an air-conditioned tap room when it’s 118 degrees outside. I also have to add that there is nothing better than drinking a cold craft beer in a bar, with lots of happy people in a warmly heated tap-room when the thermometer outside gets down to forty degrees during those few days of (Brrrrr) winter.

Which means there is no better time to have a delicious 38-degree temperature brew, give or take a few degrees, no matter what the weather outside. Whether it is too cold or too hot, or just right outside, it’s always a good time sitting with a group of friends sharing in a locally crafted brew experience trying a fresh new brew.

So why the perfect storm?

Vegas is brewing up something big. It’s bubbling up with momentum and you know it’s going to be world class!

• • • • •

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