The phone is pinging, and the calls are ringing, its a beautiful day in a Las Vegas sort of way, typing away with a flight of beer on a tray.

I’m thankful today because I raised some great kids, they are healthy and happy as they navigate their path through life… cheers to all of you.

Beer and Sausage are what proudly started this bit of journalism on Thanksgiving day.

Laszlo, my son, happens to be in the beer industry and was gracious enough to take the time to share a photo of his spread of bountiful appetizers with abundant beer blessings. This triggered a warm and cozy feeling in me vicariously by his photo, then spontaneously with a glass of Belgium Ale. I love it! As his mother, I take full credit to his adventurous nature living in full celebration of great flavors embracing the diversity of beer and a collection of foods from various cultures. Checking out his beer selection I would say he has a colorful palette, and I am especially proud to see the rich variety of Hungarian sausages, an ode to our ancestors!

Laszlo Thanksgiving Food 2018

That is what Wurst.Llife is all about… the grillin’, the chillin’, samplin’, learnin’ and the sharin’ of what is the best of… this condition we call living life one moment, one flavor, one sip, one savor, one toast at a time.

Yes, life is more than packaged hot dogs and mass-produced lousy beer. Life is about elevating the senses and awareness of what we create, enjoying it along the way.

If anyone of us today has the ability to enjoy quality beer and time with people we appreciate, ask yourself – isn’t that really what it is all about? We’re thankful for friends and family while sharing in the celebration of our best with one another.

We live in a time of witness as the beer culture takes to an abundance of great beer selections. In America, we have the biggest selection of beer in the world, and while visiting our local 20,000 square foot liquor store last night, the night before Thanksgiving, we traveled down one aisle to the next, visiting contributors to the beer industry from around the world.

We as a people can learn so much about the various cultures behind the beers they make. Traveling down a couple of aisles, you might find yourself wanting to learn more about the culture and the people behind the beer. With the knowledge of the history and the journey of a particular beer style, you might also find yourself having a slightly different perspective, which magically can also alter your perception of what you are tasting. Knowledge and Information are key in tasting intelligent.

The back story of many of the regions that produce different styles of beers is what we enjoy and are grateful to learn as we emerge deeper into the beer world. From the findings of the accidental beer production in Egypt to the fasting rituals of the Paulist Monks in Munich, to how beer saved the monasteries by the enterprising Trappist monks, to the revival of IPA in the west coast… all of these tidbits add up to interesting facts. All these fascinating facts gave understanding to the lineage of many styles of beer which now has led us to learn more about home brewing.

Thanksgiving can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Turkey is wonderful for the main meal, but we see the appetizers as a day of celebrating beer and sausage. Give thanks to beer, without beer most of us wouldn’t be here. You do know that beer saved the world and led to the first written word. Hint: it was to share the recipe to make beer.

We are thankful for the knowledge and the experience we are gaining from this project and that we can share this ancient tradition of beer and sausage making with our friends and visitors through our website. We are thankful to our friends and visitors who read our posts and engage with us, for as little time as we have been in this industry, we are also thankful for being embraced by the beer fellowship as we learn more about the community of creating more diverse and tastier beers.

We feel it is our calling to help keep this world rotating 41 billion barrels of beer year-round, one bottle at a time. And for that, we give thanks


Featured photos by Laszlo Kristof