Simmered Bratwurst, Roasted Potato & Red Cabbage

Beer > Bratwurst > Roasted Potatoes > Red Cabbage

German Brat Wurst: Sausages vary by region and even locality; some sources list over 40 different varieties of German bratwurst
Bier: for this recipe, I used Blue Moon

White onion
Red onion
Bell peppers 
Red cabbage
Oil (cooking oil) or butter
Vinegar (Apple Cider Vinegar)

    Celery seed
    Black Pepper
    White pepper

Slice one white onion
Slice to taste a few rings of  Habenero paper
Two garlic cloves smashed with the end of a blunt edged knife.

Pick your Bell Peppers For Purely Visual Stimulation

Choose a colorful selection of bell peppers.
For taste, the redder and more mature bell pepper, the sweeter in flavor. Each color has a unique characteristic.
Slice the papers lengthwise

Place the bratwurst into a pot, (I prefer cast iron)
Scatter one half of the pepper, onions, garlic and habanero mixture into a pot.

Pour a bottle of beer over the bratwurst and onion mixture. Season with salt, black pepper, white pepper, a pinch of chili pepper to your taste. (if you don’t like spicy, leave out the hot peppers altogether)
Cover the pot and let the ingredients simmer together on low heat on the stove for about 20 minutes.

While the Wurst is Simmering

Slice the potatoes, the variety of potatoes will add their distinctive flavor and texture, and color. If using a variety of potatoes, they will cook at different rates, but it’s all delish when mixed with the remaining onions, garlic and bell peppers. Cut up a handful of parsley and sprinkle on top of the potatoes. Place the potato mixture in an oven proof pan (I do love my cast iron). From the simmering pot, take a ladle of the warm beer with spices and pour over the potatoes. Add a pinch of salt and a dash of white pepper onto the potatoes and mix the ingredients, place in oven at degrees. Let bake until the potatoes are tender.

While The Potatoes and The Bratwurst are Cooking Make Simmered Red Cabbage Salad

1/2 red cabbage thinly sliced
1 whole red onion thinly sliced

Prepare in a cup: 1-ounce vinegar ( I use Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar) 1/2 cup water, one tablespoon sugar and a 1/2 tsp salt to taste, add a tsp of Caraway and a 1/4 tsp of celery seed to create a piquant combination.

Place the red cabbage in the pot with a tablespoon of oil, and quickly stir for 30 seconds overheat.

Pour The Piquant Combination Over The Red Cabbage
Simmer over low heat stirring occasionally.
Taste the red cabbage, and you can balance out the vinegar flavor with sugar or visa-versa. Adjust to your taste.

Take Out The Bratwurst From The Pot

Pour the simmering beer/onion/ pepper combination on top of the potato medley while in the oven and with a spatula turn the potatoes gently over to not break them too much. About 30- 35 minutes depending on how thick you had sliced them. You will know when the dish is ready when the potatoes are soft.

Even though the Bratwurst is well cooked by now, I do like to place them on my cast iron griddle for a tantalizing grilled finish. This can also be done on a BBQ. Slice diagonally but not all the way through.

When all is Said and Done

Place your oven roasted potato medley on a large serving plate, strategically add the beer simmered and grilled bratwurst, make room for the rich colored red cabbage, and decorate with a sprig of Italian parsley. Tasty, hearty and a joyful ode to the tastebuds!

And don’t forget your German Bier! Prost!