“Beer is living proof that God loves us
and wants us to be happy.”

— Benjamin Franklin

Make someone smile. Gift them an awesome beer experience!

Have you ever thought, “I wish I could share a beer with my friend, but they live so far away?

We had the same thought. Like you, we have family and friends all over the country, and sometimes we wished we could share a beer with them. That’s why we created theBrewCard.

Pretty simple. That’s our story.

TheBrewCard Website and Mobile App make it easy to send a gift card for a real beer experience for any occasion, whenever you want.

 Send your bud a beer and share a smile.

Gift A Craft Beer Experience for Any Occasion

With thousands of great craft beer choices and a mecca of flavorful experiences to discover, we have plenty of reasons to be happy.

BrewCard Gift Card - TheBrewCard with Bow

Make someone smile. Gift a memorable beer experience today!

TheBrewCard is about community and bringing people together, even when they’re apart.

Gift a Great Beer ExperienceNow it’s easier than ever to share a beer with someone far away for a birthday, celebration, or just because.

TheBrewCard is a simple, fun, and memorable way to gift an awesome real-life craft beer experience to your bud. Maybe it’s your dad or your mom, your son, a daughter, your brother, best buddy, or even a new friend who helped you change a flat tire last week. Whoever they are, wherever they are, they deserve a beer.

We Are Community

TheBrewCard crew is actively engaged in the beer community in our ongoing search for great craft beers with fellow BrewCarders. But community is also about sharing, creating awareness, and helping others. Through theBrewCard we can all make a difference.

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We Are Determined

We are committed to bringing you the best brewers and tap houses the United States has to offer. Our mission here is to share them with you, our fellow BrewCarders. If you know anyone who’d like to participate, contact us. Lets’ all grow together.

Participating Brew Experience Destinations

We Are Creative

The creators of TheBrewCard are passionate artists, designers, and geeks. We know what it takes to make something special, and that it takes something special to be memorable. That’s why we appreciate fine craft beers so much – it’s passion that separate good beer from great.

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