What’s not to love about INSTAGRAM? We love about big IG. As creative people, for us, it was love at first sight… or first pic.

Like a lot of you, we really enjoy taking great pictures. Craft beers and great meals are perfect subjects for awesome pics. Add to that our Vegas experiences and you have a visual goldmine of exciting shots. And sharing them is what it’s all about.

It’s inspiring too, to see beautiful shots posted by talented chefs and food stylists. And beer shots, or beer and shots… forget about it.

There is literally no other place, in the real world or online, where you can take an awesome picture, massage and edit it a little, add a few words, and post it for the world to see, all in less time than it take a few sips of your favorite beer.

Sure, there are other social channels online; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others, and each is great in their own way, but none are like the picture-savvy IG.

Check out our most current pics below and visit us at Instagram.com/theBrewCard for our feed.

We appreciate your likes and follows and all that social media stuff.