We love art! And it’s no secret that we also love beer. For us, fine art and craft beer go together like Las Vegas and neon, like fast cars and the color red, like chrome and blue skies.

I don’t know if it’s the artist in me talking, or the brew. I’m enjoying a delicious glass of Belgian Witbier that Beti and I homebrewed recently, and it seems only fitting to a finish the last couple bottles or so while contemplating art. So here I am, savoring every sip much like I would take in beautiful artwork.

Fortunately, we have a lot of great craft brewers that create far tastier brews than even my best homebrew. Those are the beers we enjoy the most on our best days at the easel.

BrewCard Gift Card - Indian Summer by A.D.Cook

Indian Summer by artist A.D. Cook

There you have it. Great art and craft beer speak to us, all of us, on a personal level. Ultimately, it’s the experience that matters. That’s what we remember ~ the experience.

The creators and crew of theBrewCard are artists. My motorcycle paintings are featured on this site alongside some pretty amazing artists, so I am more than excited to tip a pint of my favorite homebrew, or better yet, something from our favorite brewpub, in their honor.

The artists showcased on theBrewCard website are more than artists; they are friends and respected colleagues.

As we launch BrewCard, our shortlist of featured artists are A.D. Cook (me), Beti Kristof, Jerry Blank, Kenny Youngblood, Raphael Schnepf, and Terry Ritter with six paintings each.

Each brings a unique style and expression to our Featured Artist gift cards. Through your purchase, you can share any one of dozens of beautiful artworks featuring beer, butterflies, classic cars, flowers, funny cars, motorcycles, Las Vegas, and showgirls, celebrating birthdays and holidays.

Orchids Butterfly by artist Beti Kristof

Orchids Butterfly by artist Beti Kristof

Motorcycle-themed BrewCard gift cards are shared from a few of my favorite artworks. As an avid motorcycle enthusiast, I’ve painted several realistic paintings on canvas that have been featured in numerous books and magazines, and some are currently on display as part of the LUSTER: Realism and Hyperrealism in Contemporary Automobile and Motorcycle Painting, produced by David J. Wagner, L.L.C.

As a multi-faceted artist, we’re excited to showcase Beti Kristof’s automotive paintings and floral artworks as part of our Featured Artist Series. Her creative journey started in her youth as she learned the power of art and its great ability in telling stories. Beti’s heart and soul are revealed through her celebration of paintings and mixed-media creations.

Corvette by artist Raphael Schnepf

Corvette by artist Raphael Schnepf

Raphael Schnepf has been on the art scene since he graduated from New York’s High School of Industrial Art in 1954. He went on to graduate from Cooper Union and receive his BFA from San Francisco Art Institute. He was active in the ’60s counter culture designing posters for the Avalon Ballroom among others. In early ’67 he did the original “Summer of Love” poster. He went on to album covers, comics, and other graphics. Some of his work from that time is in the permanent collections of MOMA NY and MOMA SF and have been in publications such as “A Concise History of Posters,” “Eureka” and “The Art of Rock.”

Flight of the Eagle by Kenny Youngblood

Flight of the Eagle by Kenny Youngblood

Kenny Youngblood’s career as a motorsports artist grew out of his love of auto racing and began in 1967 when he built and drove his own ‘Slingshot’ fuel dragsters.

Upon seeing Kenny’s hand lettering on friend Gary Messenger’s dragster in 1968, custom painter Dick Olsen hired the young Youngblood to add the finishing touches to many of the nation’s top race cars.

By the end of the 1970s, and with help from Kenny’s mentor and marketing genius Bob Kachler, it would be nearly impossible to open a car magazine, go to a car show or attend a racing event without seeing the artist’s work.

Expanding his horizons in the 1980s, Youngblood began publishing limited edition prints of his race car paintings, and marketing them to a worldwide audience; he was unknowingly the sole pioneer of what would become the billion dollar racing collectibles industry.

Three of Kenny’s most recognizable graphic designs would be the stars and stripes “Snake” logo for drag racer Don Prudhomme, the interlocking Z’s for ZZ Top’s “Eliminator” album cover car and Dale Earnhardt’s iconic, backslash number “3”.

BrewCard Gift Card - Fabulous Vegas by Jerry Blank

Fabulous Las Vegas by artist Jerry Blank

Artist Jerry Blank is an impressionist painter expressing contemporary life in vivid color with broad and bold brush strokes. His love and appreciation for life are expressed in vibrant, daring and thought-provoking canvases.

Jerry Blank studied art and design at San Jose State University and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design from SJSU. He has been illustrating and painting watercolors, acrylics, and oils for over fifty years.

Jerry Blank’s background in graphic design and communications firm and commercial illustration has prepared him for a successful career as a fine artist. Extensive editorial, book cover, annual report, advertising, and display illustration has provided the foundation for his vibrant, colorful and impressionistic dynamic canvases.

Follies in Flight by artist Terry Ritter

Follies in Flight by artist Terry Ritter

Fabulous fine artist Terry Ritter has emerged as the one to capture for the first time in a series of paintings the glamour of the Las Vegas showgirls. Having performed herself for many years on these very same stages, she has a unique perspective no other artist could bring to the subject. Her keen sense of emotion and knowledge of dance brings to each painting the artistry and the life force experienced by the performer herself. Terry’s inner understanding of the moment of expression leaps from the canvas to reach out and touch the viewer magically. She can communicate the artistry and expression that the dancers bring to their performance with vibrant colors, priceless poses, and wonderfully expressive faces. To see her work is to be transported to the excitement of the Las Vegas stage!

Now you know why we’re so excited!

Our stable of talented artists is legendary. We believe that when pairing art with beer only the best will do. So part of our experience is discovering both great art and awesome beers and sharing them both through our BrewCard Blog.

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Our Artist Series BrewCard™ gift cards are digital fine art greeting cards with the bonus that they’re redeemable for a real craft beer experience. Since greeting cards are traditionally visual, the best way to express our passion for great beer is through awesome art. Fine art and craft beer, together at last. Cheers!

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