Artist A.D. Cook

My art is about passion, vision, and commitment.

Dramatic in size, quality, texture, and impact, I’m often told that my original paintings are hard to appreciate by simply visiting a website. They need to be seen in person. Rich in detail, they can be enjoyed from across the room or from just inches away. They’re realistic to the point of being an illusion, yet stylized enough to be attention holding. They are my creative expression as an artist.

I take an “old-school, hands-on” approach to everything I do in my studio and have tremendous pride in the art that bears my signature. I firmly believe that art created-by-hand is essential, and quality and craftsmanship are a big part of that.

Online at ADCFA.com

Level 1: Certified Beer Server

Proud Member of Southern Nevada Ale Fermentors Union (SNAFU)

Favorite Beers: Belgian Tripels, German Witbiers, and Dark Stouts.

BrewCards by Artist A.D. Cook