Probably the best Pre-Christmas gifts anyone can receive! Twenty-four different beers, one for each day, starting December 1st through Christmas Eve.

We discovered the Brewer’s Advent Calendar for 2018 a few weeks back when we were doing a little shopping at our local COSTCO store. It was, as the story goes, love at first sight.

KALEA, a German beer exporter, has created these fun beer packages that are sure to leave a lasting impression. I’ve seen them briefly in previous years, and they always sold out before I snagged my treat. This year was different. This year we were ready. By that I mean when we saw these boxes hit the floor we snagged a box – pronto! Good thing too, because when we went back just a couple days later, they were sold out.

While it may already be too late for you to snag your Advent Calendar, you can experience it here with us. As we go through the 24 days of Christmas, I plan to follow the program as directed by KALEA on the box and enjoy a new German beer each day. Yes, this I do for you.

First off, the box contains 24 (twenty-four) 16.9 fluid ounce cans. That’s 405.6 fluid ounces of great German beer! The case weighs in at 30.5 lbs. All the beers are produced following the regulations of the German Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot) dating back to the year 1516.

  • DARK BOCK — St. Bonifatius Dark Bock
  • DUNKEL — Jubilaumsbier 500 Jahre Dunkel
  • DUNKELWEIZEN — Holzknecht Dunkelweizen, Eaglebrau Weizenbier Dunkelweizen
  • FESTBIER — Schnaitl Jubilaumssud Festbier, Herrnbrau Tradition Festbier
  • HEFEWEIZEN — Schloss Weisse 1516 Hefeweizen
  • HOPPED WHEAT ALE — Hohenthanner Blau Weisse Hopped Wheat Ale
  • INDIA PALE ALE — Rieder IPA India Pale Ale
  • IRISH ALE — Publiner Irish Ale
  • MARZEN — Memminger Gold Marzen, Alpenkunig Marzen
  • PALE ALE — Perlenzauber Pale Ale, Bergbrau Pale Ale
  • PALE BOCK — Kartauser Bock Pale Bock
  • PALE LAGER — Erlkonig Hell Pale Lager, Kurpalzbtau Helles Pale Lager, Edel Bayer Urtyp Hell Pale Lager
  • PILSNER — Hallertauer Hopfen Cuvée Pilsner, Schlossbrau Pils Rheder Pilsner, Bierkutscher Pils
  • SMOKED BEER — Zwonitzer Rauchbier Smoked Beer
  • ZWICKEL — Kress Bayrisch Zwickel

Check your local Costco where you may find the Brewer’s 2018 German Beer Advent Calendar priced around $60, which comes out to about only $2.50 per beer — not bad for awesome imports.

As I write this post, I’m still about a week away from enjoying my first beer. Now, I could get crazy with beer passion and open this box up, toss a few in the fridge and enjoy them at will (sounds tempting, right?). And that is tempting. But instead, I’m going to follow their instructions on the side of the box, which goes like this…
• • • • •

Brewer’s Advent Calendar Instructions

Brewers Advent Calendar Instructions, 20181) Bring the Calendar home safely and place the box where it stays cool and dry, but also safe from “calendar-envious” spouse, wives, husbands, and other people you may know!
2) On December 1st, grab the Calendar, place it somewhere easily accessible for you and open the window labeled with Number 1. Take out the beer, and carefully place it in your fridge. In the meantime, download their Beer Rating App and create your tasting profile.
3) Once the beer has chilled, which normally takes about an hour, open the can and pour the beer into the appropriate glass. Any beer glass will do.
4) Then taste the beer with all your senses. Smell the great aroma, taste the beer, its mouthfeel, its texture, and its bitterness. Enjoy it.
5) For all coming days until December 24th, repeat from step 2. After you have finished the Calendar on December 24th, start dreaming about the 2019 Brewer’s Advent Calendar™!
Merry Christmas!
KALEA is a German company, specializing in the innovation of gift items in the beverage industry. They introduced the original Advent Calendar with beery goodness in Europe in 2010. Two years later they shipped the first calendars to North-America. With their products, they would like to preserve and promote the traditional art of brewing, the unmistakable brewing culture, and the vast variety of regional beer specialties.
The Brewer’s Advent calendar is filled with 24 different german beers from “small” and private breweries. They don’t include beer from big breweries or large compaqnies. This makes the Kalea calendars special and limited, so have fun – and enjoy each beer!
— From their Facebook page (
• • • • •
Well, I’m going to enjoy this holiday season with something refreshing to look forward to each day. It’ll be fun too since the numbered windows are in random order and you don’t know which beer you’re drinking next; there is an element of surprise. That doesn’t matter to me because they all look great!
Starting on the 1st, and each day after until the 24th, I’ll post a fun pic on our Instagram page so you can enjoy them too.
• • • • •