TheBrewCard started as a simple idea… “How can I buy my friend who lives a thousand miles away a beer?”

We all have those friends who give us advice or just a warm smile, and at the end of our chats we think to ourselves, ”What can I do to say thanks, I wish I could buy them a beer,” or “I love ya, man” (ya, it’s okay to say that).

I’ve had this thought in the back of my head for a while. We’ve all have friends that we’ve enjoyed sharing a beer (or two) with, but with passing time either you or they have moved away sometimes far away. Still, you talk. You keep in touch. And that’s all great.

But wouldn’t it be awesome to buy them a beer? Maybe it’s their birthday, or they got a promotion.

In our case, we just wanted to say, “Thanks for the help.

It sounded like a no-brainer to me. “Let’s send my friend a beer.”

So, I searched online, and I searched, and in the search for a solution, I found none.

As a passionate craft beer enthusiast (with a friend) I think if I have this need, maybe you do too.

The Dream was Born

theBrewCard gift card at theBrewCard.comIt didn’t take long into putting our dream into play. We took immediate action and designed the site, first on paper, then online. Today, we have an up-and-running website, complete with an online store featuring over four-dozen original gift cards, a craft brewery/tap room tap room directory, programs to market them, and an agenda initiated to help charities.

Countless hours of website design and mobile app development went into creating the foundation of our products, services, and programs. But the exciting thing is – we are just getting started!

The Keg has been Tapped!

It’s time to send our friend that beer.